Borélio is an independant clothing manufacturer with a focus on made-to-measure pieces and small ready-to-wear series. We work in our own European workshop and can therefor provide our customers with an unmatched level of creativity and flexibility. A highly developped online ordering system bridges the gap from you, the retailer, to our factory.

Borélio specializes in a wide range of trousers and soft tailored jackets. Everything we make is created in a sartorial mindset. We carry our own fabric stock including denim, (piece dyed) cottons, linnen, wools and workwear fabrics. We believe in doing things different and making customized clothing that is unique in the world.

Borélio is the name of our workshop and also the brandname. We also produce private label, meaning we only put in the labeling and branding of our customers. Borélio delivers goods on a weekly basis to more then 200 stores worldwide.

Alain Fache - owner Borélio

Alain Fache - owner Borélio

Ruben Opheide - commercial director Borélio

Ruben Opheide - commercial director Borélio


Borélio was founded in 1930 and is now owned by the founder’s grandson, Alain Fache. The production of Borélio was initially in Belgium. In the 90’s the production facility moved to Romania. This is where the workshop is still found today. 



Borélio stocks fabrics of the world’s finest mills. Borélio household names are Vitale Barberis, Pontoglio, Brisbane, Larusmiani, Solbiati, Subalpino, Candiani, Ulster, etc. Not only fabric matters to the level of quality of a garment. For all hardware like buttons and zippers, we also work with the best in the business. 

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OUR workshop

The Borélio workshop is located in Beius, in the west of Romania. We work with a team of approximately 130 enthusiastic and highly skilled employees. As a true family company, we consider everybody who works for the company part of the family. 

We are proud that every stage of the production process is managed in-house. Design, fabric storage, cutting, production, washing and packaging/expedition is all done by our experienced Borélio employees. All our customers are in direct contact with our factory, creating an unmatched level of flexibility and efficiency.